Saturday, May 26, 2007

Metro Fares on the Up and Up

So I've perused the purple pamphlets Metro was passing out last week. And I've seen the press release and read about the public hearing where the official pronouncement was made, thanks to LAist. Fares will be going up in July, and like transit users across LA County, I'll have to figure out what exactly the changes will mean to my own pocket book.

My first thought is that tokens are going to become a lot more popular, as regular fares will stay the same for two years, and because the cost of a day pass will be going up to $5, part of the compromise the Metro Board voted for this past Thursday. Which means you'll want to get a day pass only if you'll be catching 4 or more lines, 3 or less and you'll be better off using tokens.

Figuring out whether I'll need a monthly pass will take a little more figuring...

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