Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wow. Even Fox News Can't Screw This Up.

I'd left before all this happened. Please feel free to leave in the comments your experiences, reactions, etc. And links.

And check out this post on, from one of my favorite bloggers, El Chavo! He writes:

Expect to see lots of video coverage tomorrow of the heavy handed police reaction at MacArthur Park, the rally point for the second May Day march. I was watching the coverage on the national Univision broadcast (similar to the major network 6:30 pm programs) and while the local reporter was giving a live update, the police could be seen in the background shooting foam bullets at the crowd. Telemundo had even crazier footage with the news team getting manhandled in their broadcast tent, also while they were broadcasting live. Fox 11 has footage of Christina Gonzalez getting her own sampling of excessive force, and in her report tonight she was rightfully pissed and was demanding an explanation. Even though there were reports of some young kids throwing things at the cops at some breakaway march, nobody can understand why they went after all the families that were in the park far away from all that commotion.

What I found interesting about the live Univision broadcast was the news reporter quickly coming to the conclusion that the excessive use of force by the police was the fault of the protesters, that they brought this onto themselves, which is often the line you hear on the news. But with so many news reporters becoming part of the story (some getting hurt in the process) and with video coverage of the event, this is going to quickly take on a new face. I wonder if this latest example of police over-reaction will affect Bratton's chances at another term as Chief? Something tells me that once all the LAPD "investigations" are over they will declare themselves to have been completely justified. And so it goes.

And then he points us to L.A.IndyMedia to read firsthand accounts.

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